Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Politics: It's a funny old game

I don't know much about Maria Miller but one fact I remember is that she went to the same school as Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones.  Tonight I cant help but smile at the differing fortunes of the two former pupils of Brynteg comprehensive school.

I have not read the details of her expenses error but as I understand it she has made mistakes which cost between £5,000 and £50,000 depending on whose version you believe.  This has led to a huge campaign from the press and led to her resignation.

Carwyn on the other hand recently wasted £50,000,000 on a  failing airport whilst simultaneously sitting back whilst standards in the Welsh NHS and Education systems are in seemingly terminal decline.

Yet tonight Carwyn is still in his highly paid job whilst Maria is out of hers which makes we wonder if our press have their priorities right and why anyone would want to go into politics.

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