Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Welsh ego may be in for a battering

A couple of articles from the last few months that make pretty depressing reading for a Welsh man or woman:

I accept that both articles come from the right leaning side of the English Press but I suspect that this is just the beginning.  Once the Scottish referendum vote has happened we will be in General Election mode and a primary attack line from the right wing press will be "if you think you have it bad, be thankful your not in Labour run Wales."

All this is going to make pretty depressing reading for those of us who hope one day Wales can achieve its potential and catch up and overtake the rest of the UK.

I for one have become depressed not only at the poor performance of Wales but also the general acceptance that this is just how things are.

The Western Mail has long championed Welsh Labour leaving no real press opposition to anything they say.

Depressing as it may be I hope the current interest the English press is showing in our problems continues, as it may be what we need to finally get a different Party in charge in Cardiff.