Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Why I'm Voting Yes on 3rd March

The further powers referendum on 3rd March has split the Conservative Party in Wales. Whilst most Assembly politicians are firmly in the Yes camp there is certainly more scepticism in the grass roots Party.

I have already decided how to Vote and have been actively supporting the Yes campaign. Until now I have kept my reasons largely to myself but in view of  the True Wales decision not to have an official No Campaign I think it is time to give my reasons.

We currently have a two types of politician in Wales.  One type have some powers over certain areas but lack the real tools to do the job. (Law making and tax lowering powers) The others have the tools albeit along with 600 other MP's but not the ability to make changes for the people they represent.

Frankly it must be very frustrating to be in the Assembly or Westminster and would certainly put me off standing for either one.

In the long term I hope to see one group of politicians get both the tools and the powers, and realistically this is more likely to be the Welsh Assembly.

The referendum on 3rd March is a step towards that day, and that is why I will be voting yes.

Ultimately it is only when one group of politicians have tools to do the job in their areas of responsibly that they will be properly accountable to the people of Wales.

Many Conservatives fear that giving more power to the current Socialist coalition will mean that the Health Service, the Economy and Educational Standards will fall further behind in Wales.

I am sure that the current government would argue that part of the reason for the failure in the above areas is not having the further law making powers.

Once this excuse is taken away the Socialist coalition will be more accountable and if they fail to improve things for the people of Wales the electorate will look for an alternative.

At that time it will be up to the Welsh Conservative Party to offer an alternative program of government for Wales and in particular to address the over dependence on the Public Sector.

In my opinion rather than condemning Wales to decades of failure, further powers will speed the demise of Socialism in Wales and allow Conservative polices to make a positive difference to the people of Wales.

It is no coincidence that "True Wales" is predominantly made up of Labour Party members who have seen that further powers could eventually lead to the Party's grip on Wales slipping away.

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