Friday, 21 January 2011

Is Welsh Influence in Westminster about to Soar?

Last week I bemoaned the lack of a senior Welshman/woman in the Westminster Government.  It seems possible that my wishes are about to become true.

Were Guto Harri to replace Andy Coulson as David Cameron's communications chief we would have a through and through Welshman at the heart of the Westminster Government.

In recent years, particularly when Alistair Campbell was in the job, it was argued that the position of chief spin doctor was more like the "Real Deputy Prime Minister".  The position is certainly more influential the the Secretary of State  for Wales.

If Guto was to be appointed the move could help Wales have a far stronger voice in London and potentially improve the communications between Westminster and the Assembly.

Fingers crossed that Wales may about to get a big hitter right where it matters.

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